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By: frans
February 19, 2010

Why no why? When it comes to Wonk, there is no why – only great submissions and loyal readers. Of course having more of both would never hurt. So, those of you who have yet to read Wonk4 (or W3, W2, or W1), please take the time to do so now. And, those of you who have yet to submit for Wonk5, there is still time and a bit of space left for your original piece, so send it in! (but only if you want to – I don’t want the exclamation point to force you into anything).

The other thing, beside submissions and readers, that we Wonk-ers think we need more of, is online presence. It seems unfair to keep engaging in literary/artistic one-night-stands with so many talented poets, writers, photographers and artists. What can we say? We’re needy, we want to cuddle a little. Actually, forget that metaphor, it’s a bit creepy, but we really do want to take the opportunity to get to know our fantastic contributors a little better and this blog is one of the ways we are going to try to do it. No details now (only because we don’t know what they are yet) but watch for some more activity here at yourwonk.com to coincide with the release of Wonk5 – which, by the way, is getting close to press (but not so close that we won’t seriously consider your submission).

So, the way we see it at the Wonk, is that you only have three choices remaining: 1. read the Wonk (including all back issues) 2. submit your work to the Wonk (it feels really good to do so) 3. Do nothing and completely live up to your 9th grade science teacher’s expectations of you as a procrastinating, underachieving delinquent. It’s up to you and it might be the only way, short of re-learning the unit on eco-systems, of redeeming yourself.

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