Wonk-web gaining momentum and Wonk-ink5 nearly-almost ready.

By: frans
March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010 – It’s official, wonk-web is going to be featuring an interview with the talented Edmontonian poet, Marita Dachsel.  In addition to the interview, wonkers can look forward to some provocative excerpts from her poetry as well as select previews from Wonk5.

On the analog/print end of things, we have several very talented people confirmed: poetry from Camille Martin, Rachael Sylvia Lee and Marita Dachsel; short prose from Thomas Trofimuk and Emily Rush; and artwork from Andrew Topel and Ian Pierce.  The print version of Wonk5 is shaping up to be released sometime in the next few days or so, with wonkweb coming shortly after – don’t worry though, we will let you know all about it when it happens.

Oh yeah, we also have a theme that is absolutely sure to bring deep meaning to all that you read in Wonk5. Unless, of course, it doesn’t. Then it will probably hinder your reading and make you wonder why we’ve imposed such a horrible thing on you. In case of the latter, or either, actually, feel free to disregard the theme altogether and just read the great stuff inside Wonk5. Here’s the theme:  family / connections / relationships, if it helps.

If you’ve forgotten where you can pick up a copy of wonk5, please see Lucas’ thorough yet non-authoritarian directions below.

  1. Pick them up for free at various places in Wetaskiwin (including the library, and Caelin Artworks) and Camrose (Merchants Tea House);
  2. Get them from a friend who has a copy of WONK who is either not looking or is finished reading, his mind sufficiently blown;
  3. Subscribe for free to the electronic version. Which has the same content but not same awesome layout and/or smell.
  4. Subscribe for a small fee. Have your own personal copy of each WONK (there will be 12) delivered right to your mailbox in all its paper and black and white (and maybe some colour) glory. Included in the envelope will be a) a few extra copies to do whatever it is you kids do with extra WONKS, b) a personal hand written letter from the editors or someone they have met and convinced to write a letter and c) any back issues that you don’t already have.

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