WONK5 Seeks Roommate Who Likes to Read

By: frans
April 16, 2010

WONK5, after an arduous journey from the contributors’ pens to the eager hands of WONK editors, is now only one step away  from its new home. Some of the WONK5 progeny now sit in the Wetaskiwin library and others are being prepared (with a bonus addition) for mailing to subscribers and contributors. The only remaining step required to completely fulfill WONK5’s destiny is for you to go pick one up (or, for subscribers, to just sit and check the mail every couple of days to see if it’s there yet).

And, while you are sitting either waiting for the mail or basking in the after-glow of having just read WONK5, you might just think about picking up your own pen and finishing off that poem/story/drawing/moustache on your cat – that has been nagging at you – and sending it to us for WONK6. In fact, for this instalment, you don’t even need to type your submission (one less thing, right?). One of the themes that is gaining headway for WONK6 focuses on handwritten originals (scanned and emailed or real-mailed). With that in mind, it might just be time to brush off your pen to see if it still works. Other themes that are trailing, but only slightly, are letters (any type you can think of: correspondence, abcd, etc) and children’s literature. Of course, themes can only take you/us so far, so don’t feel too hemmed in by ours.


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