we’re sorry. we make no apologies

By: lucas and/or amber
August 25, 2010

despite what may seem an elaborate literary scheme, we have not embezzled your dollars and gone on a fancy summer vacation. (disclaimer- we did go to bashaw.) we have simply been enjoying our summer and sadly it has been at the expense of your reading pleasure. (we are secretly hoping that you take a summer reading hiatus like we do.)

we are sorry. however, we are back at it and hope to be caught up on all our correspondence soon. we owe issues to contributors and readers alike. we assure you that those who paid for 12 issues will receive 12 issues. it won’t be within the previous 1 year timeline (we realize now that was a bit ambitious for procrastinators like us) but there will be 12.

with that said, we are working on issue 6. our dream is to have it out by the 10th of september. why?

wetaskiwin is having it’s first arts and agriculture festival on the 11th and we at WONK would like to have a new issue to distribute. we are hoping to snag some local readers and writers. in turn, the rest of our loyal followers will finally receive the much anticipated next issue. it’s a win/win situation!

if you don’t want to wait for issue 6 to show up in your mailbox (be it the one on your house or the one in your computer) then we we cordially invite you down to wetaskiwin on september 11th. we will be there with your personal copy and an anxious smile. maybe even a t-shirt… oh the promises… we foresee so many more apologies…

isn’t this fun?!

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