A Night Out in the Wonk with WONK (but feel free to bring another date).

By: frans
September 25, 2010

The time to stop talking and to start doing  is finally upon us. Because we recognize this, WONK has been hard at work putting out WONK6, which features great work from a number of writers and illustrators. The theme was loosely based around children’s literature and our contributors blew away our expectations, turning us in directions we never, well, expected. In fact, W6 might be one of the most diverse issues yet, filled with poems by Lyle Weis and Annie Polushin, short fiction by Cindy Dextraze, a graphic novel excerpt from Gail Sidonie Sobat and (illustrated by) Spyder Yardley-Jones, and beautiful cover art from Teresa Sturby. Although themes can sometimes create boundaries, it seems as though none of our contributors noticed  and WONK6 has reaped the benefit. As usual, the new WONK is available (for free) in the Wetaskiwin Library, for free as an online subscription or, for a very small cost, mailed right to your door. To do either of the latter, simply click here.

Also in the spirit of “doing stuff”, and besides getting WONK6 out, we are working on a couple of other things. The first of these might seem rather predictable given that our last effort was called WONK6. You guessed it, our next big thing is… WONK7. But that’s not all; along with the release of W7, WONK is hosting  an evening of poetry with Glen Sorestad and Jenna Butler at Wetaskiwin’s (licensed) Pipestone Food Company. Since we aren’t completely accustomed to doing things, the idea of doing three things (and two at the same time!) is a little frightening. That said, we are going to do our something anyway and we think (based completely on gut feelings and the fact that Glen Sorestad and Jenna Butler are on board) that our something must be pretty cool.

We promise to get more information out soon regarding this event, but, for now, the basic details will have to suffice (thank goodness those same details are on a mighty fine poster). We hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Here’s the link for the official event on Facebook!

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  • WOW! You guys are amazing! I’m hoping to attend next Thursday.

    Thanks for all your hard work,
    Lisa Wojna

    • frans

      Thanks Lisa. We really hope that you can make it (along with many of your friends!). See you there, WONK.

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