Sure WONK is free, but that’s only if you know where to get it AND if you happen to live in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada.

If you don’t live in Wetaskiwin, there are two ways to get WONK.

1) FREE Online SubscriptionSend us an email (don’t worry, we won’t share your email address with anyone) and we’ll send you a high-quality PDF version of all past and future WONKs as they come out. The electronic versions won’t look exactly like the paper version — they are optimized to be printed out at home. They might also have some extra goodies beyond the paper version. But, then again, they might also not have all the goodies of the paper version. Like all things, it’s a crap shoot.

2) Paper Subscription. You can, for a small charge, have your own personal copy of each WONK (there will be 12) delivered right to your mailbox in all its paper and black and white glory. Included in the envelope will be a) a few extra copies to do whatever it is you kids do with extra WONKS, b) a personal hand written letter from the editors (often rambling and not pertaining to the subject at hand) and c) any back issues that you don’t already have.

The best part? Regardless of when you subscribe, you will receive all the previous issues of WONK along with a brand new shiny one each month until the final WONK arrives in September 2010.

To start receiving your WONKs, please click here.

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